PulFlex Technologies , along with it’s  parent Company BelleFlex Technologies, offers an array of inline, post pultrusion , and kitted composite fabrication techniques and technologies; leveraging our two hundred and thirty seven years of materials science history to provide our customers with composite, metallic or combined metallic-composite assemblies to fit their specific needs.

With an array of 5 axis milling centers, lathes, waterjet and laser cutters, we offer quick, repetitive contour/sculpting solutions, as well as CNC lineal cutting and drilling.  PulFlex Technologies has custom designed and fabricated fixtures to enable to precise cutting and drilling of composites to the most exacting customer tolerance requirements.

When considering composite assemblies, fastener or adhesive choice can have a tremendous impact on functionality and economics.  PulFlex has decades of experience in a range of industries to help you make the right selection.