Polyurethane Pultrusion

PulFlex Technologies has chosen polyurethane as the resin of choice for our products.  Polyurethane enables higher strength composites when compared to suitable alternatives due to the ability to run fiberglass loads of up to 80% compared to typical polyester resin systems which only enable 55%-62% glass loading.  As a result, standard shapes like composite i-beams, rod, tubing as well as custom shapes possess up to 40% higher material properties when compared to polyester.  PulFlex Technologies has had tremendous success in engineering polyurethane into many weather and hurricane proofing applications in the construction and commercial industries.

Due to these superior material properties, designers can thin cross sectional areas if desired to produce equal material properties while achieving weight and cost savings.

Polyurethane chemistry also enables UV stable resin, known as an aliphatic system.  I-beams, rods, tubing and other custom shapes can be easily run in one process for solar frames, railing, and other outdoor products; preserving an ideal look with optimized total costs.

Polyurethane resin systems contain no styrene and little to no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and thus are more environmentally friendly than standard polyester resin systems.